Bodily Experiments

a film by Hagen Wiel

Project is the existential constitution of being in the realm of factual potentiality of being. And, as thrown, Da-sein ist thrown into the mode of being of projecting. Projecting has nothing to do with being related to a plan thought out, according to which Da-sein arranges its being, but, as Da-sein, it has always already projected itself and is, as long as it is, projecting.

The movie's subject is the relationship between the thrownness of the individual and its attempt to form itself into existence. It's a movie about the centrifugal force of the body, the thinking body, a resonance room of the inner world. This acting flesh is director, viewer and actor performing for itself, all at the same time; an experiment with an open result, set up to end Dasein as an other-directed particle and to be, as a self-determined individual, a grounding of human being, thus to be humankind.









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